About the skipper

Jon was born and brought up in a town called Northamptonshire in the UK. Which is where Jon learnt to fish from his father from the age of 5 years old.

Jon has fished in several locations over England and Ireland, learning different techniques of fishing. He has fished in Lakes, rivers and sea fishing. From an early age Jon has been fishing in matches and competition.

Jon moved from the UK out here in 2011 with his wife and his youngest son. Within them 6 years, he has spent valuable time out and about in the waters of the Great Sandy Straits to double Island fishing. Learning what the fish likes where there are what months are the best, experience you can not buy.

Jon may not be a local but let me tell you he knows these waters like most locals.

The Boat

The boat is 6m Hooker Pro fisherman SII centre console equipped with the best Garmin electronics including 3d mapping front, back and side view scanning. Motored by a Suzuki 150 four stroke with a minnkota I Pilot electric motor. Trim tabs for extra stability. Also kitted out with a front casting deck for the more fly enthusiast. Jon know what his clients wants. this boat is able to fish in most weather conditions, also able to fish off shore if needed. 

After fishing in the waters for 6 years Jon realised that they was no inshore fishing charters around Tin Can Bay plenty offshore and around the Hervey Bay area. This is when Jon decided get the relevant certificates and licences needed for an inshore charter.

Why Us?

We are the first inshore charter, fly fishing business, Fishing in the pristine waters of the Great Sandy Straits and the Tin Can Bay estuary.